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Data Centers -- Our factory-trained technicians will properly specify and install our products from start to finish. We can install our earthquake protection in your data centers AFTER deploying your server racks. We retrofit your data center by using a specially designed Hydraulic Lift System to safely lift live server racks about 5" off of the floor. Then, installation and positioning of the ISO-Base™ takes place underneath the live racks. Finally, the racks are slowly lowered onto the ISO-Base™ platform. Installing ISO-Base™ with our hydraulic lift system protects your live equipment from earthquake damage with no business interruption or loss of uptime.
Laboratory/Hospital/Office – We have been installing high quality Seismic Fastening systems for over 25 years. Our experienced technicians install seismic solutions that are designed to keep items seismically secure yet while keeping work areas clear and accessible.

Instruments in a laboratory or hospital environment have special requirements like the ability to access side panels, attach reagent tubing or gas lines. Our technician-friendly systems can be moved and reused as your lab or hospital adds or removes equipment.

Our product development team has designed our fastening products with these needs in mind.

Site Assessment

Our personnel, along with our structural and design engineering partners, can provide comprehensive site surveys and assessments for the proper use and placement of our isolation systems in data centers and IT environments, as well as fastening systems for the laboratory and hospital.
The site assessment is done considering the equipment weight and dimensions, the existing and proposed layout, and any expected changes or planned additions. A layout drawing can be done for a nominal charge showing any conditions that may need to be considered, prior to installation. Layout drawings can also be used to obtain a precise product and labor quotation.


WorkSafe Technologies and HRS have partnered with Degenkolb Engineers to provide structural engineering design, site-specific engineering reports, testing, and calculations to validate design methodologies for over 15 years.
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